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General Federation of Womens Club 


Juniorette Club is for young girls from junior high to high school age to learn how to become stronger women. Also to be productive members of the community by performing community service. Below you will find websites for some of the Juniorette clubs and documents for Juniorette clubs.

I pledge my loyalty to the Juniorette
Clubwomen by doing better than ever
before what work I have to do; by being
prompt, honest, courteous; by living each
day, trying to accomplish something, not
merely to exist.

GFWC Bluebonnett Drama Club of Kingsville-Juniorettes

GFWC Texas Fireside Juniorettes

GFWC Monday Review Juniorettes

GFWC Juniorettes of Alpine

email: [email protected]
Phone: 432-837-9188

GFWC Teens of North Texas Juniorettes

GFWC Lady Lobo Juniorettes


Special Program
Sample Bylaws
Juniorette Handbook
Outstanding Juniorette Instructions
GFWC Texas Club Level Reporting Entry Cover Sheet