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GFWC Texas

Legislation Issues

This will be voted on TOMMORROW!!!
ACT TODAY Advocate for public safety


We have just learned that HB 3854 has been placed on the calendar to be voted on the House floor this Saturday!
Less than 60 days after the bill was filed by committee chairman Sen. Robert Nichols.
So we need EVERYONE to call their State Representative and urge them to vote AGAINST HB 3854!!!

Find out who your Congressman is, call him and ask him to vote AGAINST this bill

Find out who your Representative is!!!

This bill will allow bigger trucks on Texas highways, endangering the truck drivers themselves as well as others on the roadways and will do major damage to our crumbling infrastruction. According to US DOT reports our roads and bridges will not support these vehicles without significant damage and threse trucks cause 47% more likely to be involved in accidents.

One fatality from this needless increase is one too many. Our safety is more important than the bottom line of corporations.

Looks and sounds generic enough. That's on purpose.

Read More HB 3854 Relating to the movement of certain vehicles transporting an intermodal shipping container; authorizing a fee; creating an offense.
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