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GFWC Texas

2017 Fall Board Meeting Registration

September 13-16, 2017
Holiday Inn Midtown
Austin, Texas

​Call for 2017 Fall Board Meeting
​Fall Board Registration

If you are only volunteering for the DogFest Austin event day in Austin you do not need to fill out a volunteer application (unless you would like to become a formal volunteer for CCI)

When we all arrive, we need to give a tour to everyone of the local facilities so everyone knows the flow of HTU before Dogfest starts, which is what I was hoping we could do when everyone from the Convention gets there so everyone knows the layout. The DogFest planning Committee will be on the grounds on September 16th at 7:15 am to have a quick meeting to discuss logistics and any last minute items.

The HTU Campus has multiple entries with the main entry at #4 where Security is located. As you can see there are many parking places. The main parking for us will be #25 on Chalmers but there is 1000 parking spaces around campus.

The athletic field is #19 where DogFest will be, and wheelchair/disabled drop offis at #22.

Bathrooms for the disabled will be provided as will two other bathrooms on campus in buildings adjacent to the DogFest grounds. The Dog walk will take place around the perimeter of the campus. 

We will have a DogFest registration/Accounting, Volunteer, Vendor tables setup at the entry to the Athletic Field. The Logistical Layout and Program are just in the midst of preparation with finalization in about 3 weeks.

You must simply follow the link below and fill out the volunteer interest form.